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Editorial Guidelines

Open Business News is dedicated to providing the highest level of editorial ethical standards, in a balance between freedom of speech and information and our responsibility towards our readers.

The following guidelines delineate the values that we have set for our journalists and editors.

– Validity and precision –

Open Business News endeavors to be precise and establish the validity of what it reports.

– Objectivity and opinion pluralism –

Open Business News aims to remain fair, open-minded, unbiased and to present facts in an objective manner, offering multiple perspectives.

– Editorial ethics –

Open Business News is an independent news website; our decisions are in no form influenced by any, personal political or business pressures.

– Fairness –

The content that Open Business News publishes is based on fairness and objectivity, offering the possibility of a reply whenever solicited.

– Privacy –

Open Business News is committed to respecting the right to privacy of every individual.

– Accountability –

Taking into account the trust that our readers place in us, Open Business News considers itself accountable and will deal fairly and openly with them.